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CSMM has ongoing interactions with many university and national laboratories, both here and abroad, as well as with a number of industrial partners.  

A longstanding collaboration is in place with the low temperature group of the University of Twente, Netherlands (15 years – AC loss in cables). A similarly long collaboration is ongoing with Berkeley National Laboratory (15+ years – AC loss in cables). Interactions (15 years) with S.X. Dou from the materials department at the University of Wollongong, Australia have included Bi2223, and MgB2 as topics. Also, there has been a strong collaboration with the Wright Patterson based AFRL group working on superconducting materials (PLD YBCO, 6 years).

Recently initiated collaborations include; Fermilab (3 years – cable stability), the University of Manchester, UK (S. Smith, EE, Fault current limiters), and the Physics Department of the Southeast University of China (Pnictides).

Past collaborations have included: U. Pittsburgh (USA-Bi-materials), University of Houston (USA-YBC), CSIRO (Australia-thin films), KEK National Laboratory for High Energy Physics (Japan-AC loss in cables), NIST (USA-LTSC, VAMAS standards), Argonne (USA-BSCCO), NRIM (Japan-VAMAS round robins and Nb3Al processing), the Electrotechnical Institute (Bratislava, Slovakia – Synergistic pinning effects), Yamaguchi University (Japan-Nb3Al studies), the Tsukuba Magnet Laboratory (Japan – Nb3Al), and the Atom-Institute (Austria – Nb3Al and MgB2).

Industrial collaborators have included: IGC-Advanced Superconductors (USA-BSCCO, Nb3Al, Nb3Sn, NbTi, NbTiTa), Plastronics (USA-BSCCO), Supercon (USA-Nb3Al), Microcoating Technology (USA-Bi-materials and coatings), Oxford Superconductors (USA -- Bi-materials and coatings) Innovare (USA-Nb3Al), Ceram Physics (YBCO), Supergenics (Nb3Sn), Supramagnetics (Nb3Sn and Bi-2212), Seimens, Rolls Royce (Fault current limiters).

There has been a particularly strong and effective collaboration with the locally based Hyper Tech Research (USA – Nb3Al, Nb3Sn) (OSU was associated with its start up). Other local companies include Global R&D, M2M imaging, and Eden Cryogenics.